While two standard sizes (7” and 8”) are listed for each bracelet, we’d be glad to do a custom size. Just pick out your bracelet, order one of the sizes, and then send an email stating the custom size you want instead. Please reference in your email the name of the bracelet(s) you ordered. Or upon check-out, there is a “Notes” section, you can make your request for a custom size there.

If doing a custom order, please measure your bracelet size as follows:

  1. Use a measuring tape or a string and ruler.
  2. Rotate arm outward with palm facing upward and fingers outstretched (this is when your wrist is the largest).
  3. Do not rotate your wrist inward (like you would read the time on your watch) or close your hand, you will get a reading that is slightly smaller than the actual size of your wrist.
  4. Place tape at middle of wrist just above wrist bone (toward elbow).
  5. Wrap tape around wrist with no play in space between tape and skin.
  6. If you prefer a loose fit, add .5 inches to size.

Better World Bead bracelets are strung with durable, pre-stretched cord. They are pre-stretched to prevent stretching out after being worn and to ensure the perfect fit. They are handmade to be fitted to the exact size you order.

Proper Care

Although Better World Beads’ bracelets are made as strong as possible, wear and tear may eventually happen in the beads and elastics. Hopefully, though, your stretch bracelets will last a long time when you follow these tips!

  • When putting on a stretch bracelet, do NOT pull to stretch it over your hand; instead, put it on by sliding your fingers into the bracelet, then rolling it gently up to your knuckles and then your wrist.
  • Do the same motion in reverse when taking off your bracelet.
  • Take it off when in the shower, pool, or spa.
  • Avoid putting perfume where your skin touches the bracelet as this may discolour the beads.

All of the bracelets are made with premium stretch cord. Water and direct spray with perfumes will dissolve the glue used to secure the knot and degrade the cord causing it to weaken. Other than putting your bracelet on and taking it off, do not continuously stretch it out. A good rule of thumb is to treat your stretch bracelets as treasured pieces of jewelry. Your bracelet should stand the test of time if you follow care instructions. If at anytime you would like to ship your bracelet(s) back for restringing, please send an email to to discuss.

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