The first sea turtle bracelet
that inspired “Better World Beads”


My name is Sheree Johnson and like everyone else in the world during 2020 and early 2021, I was pretty much isolated in my home with a lot of extra time on my hands. I was craving something else to do. I’ve always enjoyed water color painting and jewelry making. But for various reasons, I hadn’t done either in over 10 years. I needed something to create, something new to fill up the extra hours. For a friend’s business, I decided to make a few ocean inspired bracelets for her for an event. One thing led to another, and as I ordered beads to create these bracelets I got to thinking about the world today, natural resources, our environment, climate change and more.

I’m in marketing/advertising and own SJ Insights in the Kansas City area. I’ve always admired those entrepreneurs who have done cause marketing, so I thought why not sell these online but give $1.00 for every bracelet sold to an environmental organization doing something to protect and improve our world? It might not be much, but hopefully my time invested in creating these bracelets and the sales I would net from them could help. Every penny counts!

I decided to move beyond the ocean, and created three bracelet lines: Ocean Inspirations, Wildlife Inspirations and Nature Inspirations. My bracelets pay homage to each of these themes, and for each “inspiration” line, I give an amount to a related organization based on my annual sales ($1.00 for each bracelet sold) – Ocean Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. And the little sea turtle featured in my logo? My first bracelets included a carved sea turtle who represents the ocean, wildlife and nature and the fact that many of their species are now endangered. So it seemed like a fitting icon to represent Better World Beads.

I hope you order something special for yourself or as a gift for others, and join me in doing just a little something for a better world!

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